Little brief

Marilou started german wheel when she was 14 years old at the Polyvalente of Disraeli. At 16, she continued her study at the National Circus School of Montreal where she gratuate four years later as a professionnal  circus artist specialize in german wheel in 2015. Since, Marilou participated to many projects of creation and performed with the Cirque Éloize and Circus Monti around the world. This years she as been performing for Impro Cirque in Montreal and participating at the International Festival of circus of Conakry in Guinea and the Young Stage Festival in Basel, Switzerland. Shortly she will be joining the Cirkus Cirkor, a company from Sweden.


Warren Zelman

Hanicka Andres

Daniel Archambault

Cirkopolis by Cirque Éloize

YOUNG STAGE by Pablo Wünsch Blanco



 Cirkopolis – Cirque Éloize 2018

 Circus Monti 2017

 Fun time

 Épreuve Synthèse – ENC 2015